Credit Card Processing

P.O.S. Retail/Convenience Store & Restaurants

POS - Point of Sale System

It has never been easier to take advantage of the benefits of a point of sale(POS) system. We offer a full-featured POS system without all the

hassle or the high cost. We have simplified the process so you can easily

transition from your current transaction terminal to a state of the art touchscreen POS system that will streamline your business operations and automate your daily management activities. We offer countless time and money saving features that will allow you to focus on what's important keeping your customers satisfied and spending!


Combine multiple operations into one easy-to-use application. Accept cash, credit and debit directly through your POS system. Track inventory and monitor stock depletion

Manage employee schedules and productivity. Track employee hours with a built-in time clock Comprehensive reports provide a top-level picture of your business.


Increase checkout efficiency Inventory tracking minimizes shrinkage Reduce checkout and pricing errors Robust reporting saves time and reduces accounting/bookkeeping expenses.


Each POS system is custom programmed to your specifications.


The POS system is easy to use, easy to maintain and features an extremely durable, high clarity 15" touch screen display lightning fast processor and

abundant memory. This POS system has a small footprint allowing you to place it just about anywhere in your business and its rugged design is liquid and tamper resistant. Unmatched in durability and reliability a POS system will provide a point of sale solution for years to come. 

Credit Card Services

Verifone VX 520 EMV Credit Card Terminal


Merchant Service D. Hall Enterprise offers you the Financial Services support needed for quick, easy and accurate Credit Card Processing. Our programs are designed to give you the best automated solution for credit card authorization, electronic data capturing and settlement. Authorization - In the time it takes to swipe a card, the system is authorizing a draft for deposit to your bank account. Data Summaries Captured during each transaction electronically and stored in the terminal for easy settlement at days end. 

Fixed Rates for all business types no matter how big or small the merchant may be. Rates as low as .25% for qualified businesses. Using Merchant Service D. Hall Enterprise, you will get the personal touch. Our company gives all of our merchants no matter if you’re processing $2000.00 per month or $100,000 per month both will receive the same great low rates. We strive to keep all merchants with low rates. If and as rates increase over the years directly from Visa/MasterCard we are able to go in and take a look at your account and make adjustments if available. Are you frustrated with any of the following.

High rates & fees?

Bad customer service?

No returned phone calls from your rep?

Outdated equipment?

Bad wireless coverage for your mobile terminal?

Status quo?

Let us take care of you!  We'll bend over backwards to beat any program you currently have. We'll make it worth your while to make the switch.

We can reprogram any equipment that is currently industry compliant.  If you have a pin pad, we'll swap at no cost. If you want updated equipment we can supply that for you.

Retail - Mobile - Internet



Retail / Restaurant - swiped transactions:
FREE Credit Card Machine
Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover, pin entry debit included. ZERO application fee. FREE shipping, FREE phone training. Reprogram of existing equipment.

Mobile / Wireless - swiped transactions:
Use your own I-phone or Android.
Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover

Internet / Mail / Phone Order - keyed transactions:
Authorize.Net - gateway and virtual terminal.
Plugin Pay - gateway and virtual terminal.
PC Charge PRO credit card processing software.
Visa, MC, AMEX, discover included. 

Pay @ The Pump Processing

Pay at the Pump Processing

If you are the owner of a new or existing independent gas station(s) or convenience store(s) with pay at the pump, then Merchant Service D. Hall Enterprise has the best program in the industry for you. Merchant Service D. Hall Enterprise has teamed up with processors that recognizes pay at the pump services for Independent Unbranded Gas Retailers. We can assist you whether you are looking to switch merchant services due to pricing or poor service issues, as well as if this is a brand-new installation. Unlike other merchant sales organizations that simply offer you an attractive discount rate and send you paperwork to issue a Merchant ID, the processors that Merchant Service D. Hall Enterprise uses will hold your hand long after your first customer pumps their tank with gas. Once your system is installed, you will receive free toll-free support for a help desk that will handle your service calls. Our pay at the pump pricing at Merchant Service D. Hall Enterprise is the best in the industry. Call Sales office to get rates and services.

Out with the old Terminals

Old out dated Verifone

These old terminals can be Up-Graded by Leasing. Just ask when you speak to a representative. Merchant service D. Hall Enterprise can switch your current services with another company over and get you the New EMV Terminal. Existing merchants of Merchant Service D. Hall Enterprise or new customers welcomed. The change needs to be made. Do it now and get it out the way before you wait to long and your current machine does not work at all. 

Time to Up-grade from the old to the new EMV Chip technology

EMV Chip Technology

What should you know about EMV?

Credit cards with EMV capability or "smart cards", include an embedded microprocessor that provides robust security features and other applications not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards. EMV transactions utilize "dynamic digital data" in every transaction, resulting in extremely secure transactions with a reduce chance of fraud. Due to the benefits offered by EMV, this technology has become the standard in over 100 countries including Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia. In fact, according to, approximately 44.7% of the total payment cards in circulation are EMV cards and 76.4% of the POS terminals installed globally accept EMV. The US is one of the last countries to implement EMV technology. However, Visa, MasterCard, America Express and Discover have all announced plans to move to an EMV-based payments infrastructure in the US by 2015. This means that the card brands will be migrating to this technology going forward and the merchants with me required to accept EMV payments in order to remain compliant with Visa/MasterCard regulations.