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About Us

Who is Merchant Service D. Hall Enterprise?

Better Business Bureau Merchant Service D. Hall Enterprise Grad A+

Premier Credit Card Company Registered ISO provides Credit Card Processing, Credit and Financial Services and Credit Card Equipment for Home, Small, Medium and Large Businesses. ATM, Pay @ the pump processing, Bill Pay Services, E-commerce Internet Credit Card Processing, Prepaid Wireless Minutes, Business loans and Cash Advances, and Point of Sales Terminals. Founded in 1998 Merchant Service D. Hall Enterprise and participating banks provide services to Hundreds of thousands of businesses across the nation, having processed more than $50 Billion in bankcard sales.    
* Free Merchant Account Set-Up
* Smart Terminals
* Free Reprogramming 
* Wireless Terminals
* 24/7 Tech Support
*No Set-Up Fees for Credit Card Processing 
*No Application Fees
* 98% Approval Rate
* Fast Approval
* Gateway Accounts
* Credit, Debit & EBT Card Acceptance
* ATM's
* Pre-Paid Wireless Minutes
* Up Grade to New EMV Terminals
* Cash Advance and Business Loans based on your Credit Card Processing Statements and or Monthly bank deposits.

We Service the United States and Canada with 3 Locations


Corporate Location

Cleveland/Lakewood, Ohio 

Phone: 216-215-0911

2nd Location: Austin, TX

Phone: 512-592-8829

3rd Location: Orlando/Windermere, FL

President/CEO is located at this office.

Phone: 407-516-3279

Universal Fax for All Locations:




Customers can sign up for services via Phone, Email or Fax. No matter where your located at in USA or Canada we can service all of you're needs.

About the President & CEO

D. Hall President & CEO of Merchant Service D. Hall Enterprise

Dee Hall founded Merchant Service D. Hall Enterprise in 1998. He started in this business when he had no idea that he had a sales mentality. An older wise man at the time came to Mr. Hall and asked him to work with him in the Merchant Service business. He felt that Mr. Hall would do very well in the Financial Services Industry. Mr. Hall caught on fast and quick and became the top seller for his friend’s company. In the mean time learning how the business was shaped, formed and ran. He worked with the older wise man for a year then ventured off to start his own company. Now 20 years later the company has grown with 3 offices in 3 states with 20 plus Sales Representatives along with 5 sub offices under his office. The company offers a wide range of services to help businesses grow and to be successful. What makes Mr. Hall a very unique President & CEO is that he not only oversees and runs the company. He still runs appointments and is in the field with his representatives to help them get better and close deals. Mr. Hall has another very highly successful career as a Celebrity Model & Actor. You may read more about this if you like by Googling: D. Hall Supermodel

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