Zero Fee Cash Discount


Cash Discounting Reduce Or Eliminate Credit Card Fees Now!

Introducing the ZERO FEE Cash Discount program.

Never pay a credit card merchant fee again — switch to zero fee processing to save your business money and promote recurring sales.

With this merchant services program, your business can:

* Reduce or eliminate potentially all credit card processing fees 95-100%

* Surcharging is fully compliant with US bank card brand regulations

* Automatically calculated by the terminal, so you’ll never need to

* Offer your customers a discount for paying with cash

* Affordably upgrade to the latest payment technology

Recent legislation now allows retail businesses to offer a cash discount to customers paying with cash, while assessing a line-item cash discount decline fee to those paying with a credit card.

Quickly becoming the preferred way to manage card processing fees, businesses using the ZERO FEE Cash Discount Program, Merchants can at the time of the sale, give their customers the choice to pay with cash or card.

The customer receipt automatically reflects the cost difference. If the customer opts to pay with cash, the customer service fee is simply removed. Signage need to be displayed, informing their customers of their payment options.

This program allows you to directly market to cash-paying clientele, promoting recurring sales, while providing convenience to customers paying with credit and debit cards.

This program offers you the best of both payment options and can be a net positive.

Where This Program Started

Congress has passed a law that businesses are permitted to offer a discount to customers that pay with cash.   This law is known as the Durbin Amendment (part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank law).  Because of this several Card industry changes went into effect with regards to the credit card company’s federal class action litigation settlement which has taken effect and is now gaining support with Businesses and Consumers, is quickly becoming the preferred way to manage card processing fees. The settlement that the card companies agreed to requires Visa and MasterCard and other card brands to change some rules for merchants who accept their cards, including allowing merchants to “offer discounts to customers who pay with payment forms less expensive than Bank payment cards.  Businesses can choose to give an incentive and to encourage customers to pay by alternative methods other than a credit/debit cards including either cash in order to automatically receive a discount which is applied at the time of sale.  

Recover your monthly payment processing fees

Easily save thousands of dollars per year. By automatically applying a small service fee for credit card payments, you recover most or all of your processing fees.

No gimmicks. No surprises.

Offer your customers greater choice with cash discounts

Consumers usually pay with a credit card simply for convenience or to get reward points. Now they get to choose. Enhance the customer experience by offering a discount for cash payments.

Enjoy More Advantages


Fixed, flat rate pricing puts money back in your pocket. You save big each and every month!


Our program complies fully with Visa and MasterCard regulations, so there is no

risk involved.


Receive your money just as fast or faster, with daily deposits of credit and debit

card sales and extended cut-off times until 11pm EST.


Our latest payment terminals automatically calculate a surcharge of 3.99%.

Plus, delight your customers with “tap and pay”, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Example: If your processing $26,000 monthly and your monthly ending fees are $500.00 per month. This program will save you 95-100% of that $500.00. So lets say it saved you 95% that will leave you to pay $25.00 plus the monthly fee for the upgraded terminal $99.00 that makes your new monthly payment at $125.00 that leaves the merchant paying 75% less per month. What a savings! 



Q. How does ZERO FEES work?

With new terminal programming your customers receipt will automatically calculate and show a different cost for cash or credit based on the method of payment. When your customer purchases a $25.00 item you receive $25.00 in your bank account.  The customers receipt will show the $25.00 purchase plus a $1.00 card usage fee and the sales will be for $26.00  If the customer uses cash your receipt will show $25.00 its that simple. 


Q. Will my customers be upset with this fee and go elsewhere? Won’t I lose business?

Not according to other business owners’ experiences. Offering a cash discount is viewed as a net positive to customers shopping with you.  Customers do not carry a lot of cash with them, those that do may want to take advantage of the saving and feel good about getting the discount by using cash and want to shop with you again, because of this.  However, the use of cash is on the  decline, the hassle of going to an ATM and paying those fees (sometimes north of 5%) and the risk of caring cash make it safer and more cost effective for your customers to use their cards when paying and everyone knows cash comes with a cost of use as well.


Q. Is this program legal?

Yes, cash discounting is legal in all 50 states. The Dodd-Frank act prohibits payment card networks “from inhibiting the ability of anyone to provide a discount for payment by cash, checks, debit cards, or credit cards.”


Q. I’ve never heard of a Cash Discount Program before, is it new?

No, businesses have been offering discounts for those who pay with cash for years. In the United States, a lower posted price for cash is very common at gas and service stations across the country.


Q. Is this like a surcharge?

No, offering a discount to customers who choose to pay with cash is a completely different situation than surcharging when it comes to the card brands’ regulations. While surcharging is allowed under certain parameters laid out by the card associations, business owners are able to price their products and offer discounts on those products at will. Cash discounting is the business owner exercising that freedom. Surcharging is adding a charge only for customers who use a credit card, and is not currently allowed in ten states.


Q. Will this program completely eliminate my monthly processing bill?

Almost. Some merchants will still see some small fees on their bills due to the variations in Interchange prices, but most will see a drastic (95-100%) reduction in their processing bill. The Payment Portal will set up your bill on a daily discount structure, meaning we will take your fees out every day instead of a lump sum at the end of the month. Your monthly statement will show a near-zero cost of processing with the money for the goods and services you sold showing up in your deposit. You will also have a monthly fee to upgrade your terminal to the new software and programming just for this product.  The terminal fee is just a fraction of what your monthly total fees are prior to changing over to this program. This is a wonderful program for those merchants that are tired of paying monthly fees associated to processing credit cards. 

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