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Clover Station & Products - Retail & Restaurant (No full service restaurant)

Clover Station


Clover® is an all-in-one, point-of-sale system built to work for your business. With one system, you can accept credit, debit and mobile payments from your customers (including  Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, and Samsung Pay) while accessing apps to manage your business. The hundreds of apps available through the Clover App Market along with cloud-based design make it easy to manage sales reporting, inventory, payroll, scheduling, marketing and more from any connected Clover device, your phone or computer.

All Clover products work together or on their own, so you can tailor solutions that work for your business. 


Clover Station is a countertop point-of-sale system for more advanced processing needs. It features a swiveling touch screen, integrated card reader and camera with options to add a cash drawer, kitchen printer, barcode scanner, contactless PIN pad and more.

Ideal for: Restaurants, retailers, and personal service businesses seeking robust payment processing and business management capabilities without the need to move the device from place to place.

Internet connectivity: Use Ethernet or Wi-Fi.1


Clover does much more than process payments. It helps you track inventory, manage employees, and gain insights to build stronger customer relationships.

Retail or restaurant business owners: Clover offers an integrated point of sale system designed to meet your unique needs. 

Clover is ready to go right out of the box and remarkably easy to use. A high-resolution touchscreen interface puts everything at your fingertips. 

Mynt POS - Retail

Mynt POS


The Mynt POS System is your one stop for a complete solution for your restaurant or retail establishment. Designed to make your life easy, the system comes with the following items and services standard right out of the box!

POS Hardware

  • All-in-One Terminal
  • Integrated MSR
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Heavy Duty Cash Drawer

The Mynt POS Terminal provides a sleek, yet durable design, high speed processing, a 14″ high definition touchscreen, and an integrated receipt printer. Simply put, this dependable system maximizes up-time, allowing for worry free operation. 



  • GRATUITY Accept tips on credit card sales and automatically charge a certain percentage gratuity to a table by entering the number of guests at the table.
  • CUSTOM PAYMENT TYPES Create an unlimited number of custom payment types. Checks, Vouchers or Gift Certificates, Mynt can take it all.
  • SPLIT CHECKS. Mynt gives you the option to effortlessly split checks between multiple customers.
  • CHARGE ACCOUNTS Set up charge accounts for your repeat customers  so you can track and settle charges.
  • DISCOUNTS Create discounts to take either a set percentage or dollar amount off a entire purchase or simply discount individual items on the fly.
  • SUPER FAST CHECKOUT Checking out in Mynt couldn’t be easier. It can be completed in just 4 taps on the screen.
  • QUICK TENDER BUTTON A custom quick tender button allows you to close out either cash or credit sales in just a couple of seconds.


Table Layout Creation

  • CUSTOM TABLE LAYOUT Mynt allows for custom table layouts so you can create a map of your business. This makes finding an open table quick and easy.
  • TABLE PREVIEW From the table layout you can quickly see what tables are open, and see what each table has ordered.
  • PRICING BY AREA Each area can have it’s own custom price level, meaning you can apply special pricing automatically based on where the customer is located.
  • TABS Quickly create tabs by just entering a name, tabs can even be moved into or out of a table.
  • MOVE AND MERGE TABLES Mynt allows for custom table layouts so you can create a map of your business. This makes finding an open table quick and easy.


Item Creation & Customization

  • EASY ITEM can easily be created or edited from any of the stations, and changes will automatically be shared to all of the stations in your location.
  • ADD on items can be set for any item on the menu. This makes entering items into the system much faster and can help greatly increase up sales.
  • CUSTOM Modifiers can be used to customize orders. Modifiers make it clear to kitchen staff how a dish should be prepared to make them more accurate and efficient.
  • CUSTOM IMAGES Add custom images or color-code your products to allow your staff to quickly and accurately enter their orders.
  • HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE TAX RATE. Taxes can be customized for standard percentage sales tax, per item tax, or even based on the volume of the item.
  • GROUPED TAXES Multiple taxes can be grouped together allowing Mynt to handle complex taxes for items like liquor or glass bottles that can have multiple taxes beyond standard sales tax.



  • END OF DAY REPORTS Run an end of day report which includes daily sales, and an optional list of items sold.
  • POWERFUL REPORTING Use any of the 20+ built in reports to quickly gauge how your business is running. Each report can be customized to only show the current day, week, month, or any custom date range.
  • SEARCH RECEIPTS Search through all past sales to either perform refunds or re-print receipts.
  • EXPORT REPORTS Each report can be exported to a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet making Mynt reports compatible with hundreds of devices and software.
  • BUILT-IN GRAPHING Reports have built in graphs making it easy to see sales trends and understanding the data included in each report.
  • USER REPORTS Custom user accounts for each Employee allow you to track sales made by each employee.



  • MULTIPLE LANGUAGES Mynt supports 10 languages, including Spanish, and Chinese.
  • MULTIPLE PRICE LEVELS Quickly switch between happy hour and standard pricing with just a few taps on the screen.
  • VOID TRANSACTIONS Managers can load any past transaction and void the sale to reverse charges, even after the sale has been completed.
  • CUSTOM USER PERMISSIONS Set custom user permissions on each employee, allowing your employees to have as much or as little access as they need.
  • BUILT-IN INVENTORY TRACKING Keep track of stock levels so you know what is selling and what needs to be ordered.
  • PURCHASE ORDERS Generate purchase orders automatically based on the number of items sold.



  • REMOTE PRINTING With Mynt you can setup up to 6 different remote printer, plus a standard receipt printer.
  • SMART PRINTER ROUTING Create your own printer groups to choose which items will print at each printer. You can even have items print at multiple printers.
  • KITCHEN NOTES Easily add notes to an order to ensure that guests request are communicated from the front to the back of the house.
  • OPTIONAL RECEIPT PRINTING Choose which payment types you would like to print receipts for so you’re not wasting paper on receipts that are not needed.
  • CUSTOM LOGO PRINTING Get your name out! Load your own custom logo to print on every receipt. You can also place a custom message at the top or bottom of the receipt.

Aptito POS - Restaurant Ipad Based - Full service

Aptito POS


Aptito Restaurant & Retail POS By Aptito

It used to be that your POS system was actually just your cash register. But much has greatly changed – and for the better – with the technology that we use in restaurants and in the hospitality industry today. Now, the new standard is making it’s way around the world, found in the innovative, captivating and easy to use and implement, as well as affordable, technology of the iPad POS system.


What is an iPad POS system?

It’s a point of sale system that is designed to work with the iPad menu so that you can offer streamlined and synched digital menus to guests, and allow for them to easily tender payment via the digital menu that they are using. Not only that, when compared to other POS solutions, the iPad POS system far outweighs them in cost, ease of use, compatibility and in reporting.

In fact, as time goes by, don’t be surprised in the least bit when more restaurants that you dine at tender your payment for the bill by using iPad POS systems that is connected to their iPad menu. So how can such a technologically rich iPad POS system actually benefit your restaurant and make it easier for customers to pay and be served? We actually took some time to show you how our Aptito iPad POS system works in action, at a real live restaurant with real patrons, just so you can see how easy and awesome it truly is.


Key Features of the iPad POS System by Aptito

  • Most affordable POS system on the market
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Visual interface takes minutes to learn
  • Offline POS does not require an internet connection
  • Syncs with our digital menu software for all-in-one solution
  • Smart inventory tracks and manages items in auto-pilot
  • Easy order auto-populates shopping carts and prints order forms
  • Digital reservation systems tracks and manages all reservations
  • Digital time card system tracks and manages employee hours
  • Includes suite of smartphone apps (online ordering, reservations, delivery and more)
  • Offer convenient and secure payment at table for your guests
  • Includes multiple sales points
  • Half the size of conventional POS
  • Mobile POS communicates between digital menu, server, kitchen and iPad POS system
  • Exportable data included for accounting software
  • One-button reports


Functionality of the front end tablet device includes, but not limited to:

  • Employee clock-in/clock-out
  • Full fledged inventory with large images and product description
  • Price check function
  • Hold order function
  • Custom products
  • History/Transactions
  • Update inventory
  • Payment acceptance with cash or bankcard
  • Self-service fast-track system


Functionality of the back end, working on any Internet browser includes, but not limited to:

  • Setup multiple stores
  • Setup different locations within the store
  • Setup employees and different permission rights
  • Setup payroll and track payroll payments
  • Setup inventory under categories or brands
  • Import inventory
  • Receive inventory
  • Update inventory after audit
  • Move inventory between locations or stores
  • Inventory replenishment alerts
  • Purchase orders
  • Vendor list, contact details, send automated purchase order
  • Unlimited number of inventory items
  • Unlimited number of transactions
  • Generate different reports and analytics

Aldelo POS - Restaurant full service

Aledlo POS

Aldelo restaurant POS is the chosen solution for over 50,000 restaurants and bars across the country. Intuitive and field-proven, Aldelo helps restaurant operators achieve simplicity and efficiency.  Built with full restaurant management features, perfect for small to medium size operations. Aldelo features split/combine tickets, easy order taking process, inventory control, financial accountability, customer tracking, built-in loyalty and in-house program, and kitchen productivity. 

Reliable and cost effective, Aldelo POS improves restaurant efficiency by freeing up staff to focus on service.  The ordering and payment process on Aldelo is simple, fast, and easy - making training new employees a breeze. 


* Easy to use order taking screen

* Order splits & combines

* Order transfers & chaining

* Custom discounts & surcharges

* Employee time card management

* Quick service screen

* Recipe details for items

* Simple inventory tracking


* Automatic menu items price changes for happy hour

* Custom and advanced modifiers

* Flexible kitchen & bar printing

* Extensive security features

* Reduce order mistakes with forced modifiers

* Custom menu groups and items


* Built-in gift card module

* Built-in rewards module

* House account feature

* Supports multi-lingual & secondary language

* Reservations & waiting list

* Tag along items

* Integrated credit card processing

Pricing - Hardware & Software

Mynt POS

Mynt POS System

$89.95 per month for 36 months software Support & 24 7 Customer Service, Hardware and Tech support included. At the end of the term merchant pays $1.00 and they own hardware then pay the monthly software, 24 7 Customer Service, Tech Support fee $49.00.

Aptito POS

Aptito POS System

$79.95 per month for 36 months software Support & 24 7 Customer Service, Hardware and Tech support included.  At the end of the term merchant pays $1.00 and they own hardware then pay the monthly software, 24 7 Customer Service, Tech Support fee $49.00. 

Aldelo POS

Aldelo POS System

 $99.95 per month for 48 months software Support & 24 7 Customer Service, Hardware and Tech support included.  At the end of the term merchant pays $1.00 and they own hardware then pay the monthly software, 24 7 Customer Service, Tech Support fee $59.00. 

We have what you need

We place the system in your location as a free placement and you pay for it over time.  With no high markup. 

Clover Station


 $89.90 per month for 36 months software Support & 24 7 Customer Service, Hardware and Tech support included.  At the end of the term merchant pays $1.00 and they own hardware then pay the monthly software, 24 7 Customer Service, Tech Support fee $29.95.  

Call for more information

100% on the phone training with a live person that will walk you through the complete set up and programming of your new POS. System comes already programmed with credit card processing.